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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Monday, September 9, 2004

Meeting was called to order by Allan Swensson, President, at 7:25 PM. Others in attendance were Dick Carter, Jim DaMico, Karen Lindner and Curtis Snow.

The Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and the following corrections were made:
"Curtis Snow was not in attendance, Allan Swensson's name was missing an s."

Karen moved and Dick seconded that the minutes from August 2004 be accepted as amended.

Newsletter submission deadline moved up to September 20th.

Treasurer's Report: dBug had $6,235.98 at the end of August. We are losing less money ($316.35) than we were last year at this time and have purchased the xServe.

Exchange Update project:
(1) xServe is up and running after many trials and tribulations getting the right information from the Vendor.

(2) We need RAM for the xServe and for the G3's from Tacoma Power. One of the G3's is up and running. We could use ATA hard drives 8 Gig and above for some of the other machines.

(3) Given current prices for RAM, it was moved (Jim DaMico), seconded (Karen Lindner) and passed to purchase two 512 MB chips for the xServe and three 256 MB chips for the G3s that will be integrated into our network.

(4) Developed pitch for FirstClass at Curtis' suggestion

Portage Bay Contract: Tabled

Brochure Project: Dick Carter completed brochure design. Dona is consulting about printing costs because Kinkos is unreasonable.

(5) Elections of 2005 Board
    Nominating Committee:
        Allan will contact Bill Sullivan about chairing. Per Article 11 of the By-Laws the Board will appoint a three-person Election Committee.
    Current Board:
        Jim DaMico will not continue given career change plans
        Karen Lindner is moving out of town in May so may not continue as Treasurer. Other Board member suggestions were discussed.

Calendar: Clark Schroeder at a Main Meeting on October 13th.

Annual Holiday Potluck on December 8th at 6 PM.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:45 PM.